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Anime Studio Script
Download Select Parent Layer script ver.1.0

This tool works as a button in the toolbox, when you click it (or even better assign a hotkey for it) the selected layer in the Layers box changes to the parent of the layer. Very useful if you work a lot with nested skeletons and switch layers.

Installation: Download and unzip in your >scripts>tool folder.

Then open _tool_list.txt located in the tool folder.
If there are no “Other” group at the bottom of the list add one by inserting the lines;
group Other
color 204 220 232 255
Under those lines add;
button DR_select_parent_layer J
(J is the hotkey, you can set this to whatever key you want, J, K, O and Y is by default not mapped to any tool).
Save _tool_list.txt and refresh Moho (ctrl+F5).

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