Set Parent Switch Value to Current Layer

Anime Studio Pro script-
Download the Set Parent Switch Value to Current Layer ver.1.1

By pressing this button or it’s hotkey you set a switch-keyframe corresponding to the current layer in the current layers parent switch layer.
It’s a bit faster than browsing the switches and when you’ve found what you’re looking for, remembering the name of that layer, go to the parent and select that layer name from the drop-down list. Now just press the button and you automatically has the switch keyframe set to the layer you want.

Installation: Download and unzip in your >scripts>tool folder.

Then open _tool_list.txt located in the tool folder.

I suggest installing this script into the “Layer” section of the tool-palette. To do this add the following line under that section in the _tool_list.txt;

button DR_set_parentswitch K

(K is the hotkey, you can set this to whatever key you want, J, K, O and Y is by default not mapped to any tool).
Save _tool_list.txt and refresh Moho (ctrl+F5).
(If you don’t want this tool in the layers section just add the line to the end of the file _tool_list.txt and it will be displayed in the bottom of the “Other” section.)

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2 Responses to “Set Parent Switch Value to Current Layer”

  1. Joel Godin Says:

    To set the hotkey, you must now (after version 11 at least) place three dots in the _toolL_list.txt file instead of the hotkey, (turn off auto correction and substitutions in your text editor).

    You now set the hotkey in your hotkey settings at Help > Edit Keyboard Shortcuts .
    Save a new Keyboard shortcut profile,
    then you can edit the hotkeys.

  2. admin Says:

    Yeah, you’re right. I haven’t updated this info. You now set the hotkeys in AS settings and there is no need to manually edit the tool_list file. Three dots is to set the hotkey to none.

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