Select Active Child

Anime Studio Pro script.
Download Select Active Child script, ver.1.0.

This button only works with switch-layers.
What it does is that it changes selected layer to the active child of the current selected switch-layer.

Installation: Download and unzip in your >scripts>tool folder.

Then open _tool_list.txt located in the tool folder.

I suggest installing this script into the “Layer” section of the tool-palette. To do this add the following line under that section in the _tool_list.txt;

button DR_set_parentswitch O

(O is the hotkey, you can set this to whatever key you want, J, K, O and Y is by default not mapped to any tool).
Save _tool_list.txt and refresh Moho (ctrl+F5).
(If you don’t want this tool in the layers section just add the line to the end of the file _tool_list.txt and it will be displayed in the bottom of the “Other” section.)

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