Wax – Metallaren

[flashvideo file=http://www.rylanderanimation.se/film/wax-metallaren_subs-small.mp4 width=720 height=576 /]

In his second-hand record store, Günter, a self proclaimed music expert, preaches to the deaf and ignorant.
Maybe business isn’t so good, but his left hook is improving.

In this episode a heavy metaller thinks Guns and Roses wrote Knocking on Heavens Door, which of course can’t slip by unpunished.

Ett samarbete mellan Rylander animation (design och animation) och Blandteknik HB (koncept och manus).

Teknik; Cut-out i Macromedia Flash.
Längd; 1 minut.
© Blandteknik HB, Rylander animation 2003.


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