Wax – Dead Kennedys

[flashvideo file=http://www.rylanderanimation.se/film/Wax-Dead_Kennedys_subs-small.mp4 width=720 height=576 /]

In his second-hand record store, Günter, a self proclaimed music expert, preaches to the deaf and ignorant.
Maybe business isn’t so good, but his left hook is improving.

In this episode an old lady wants to buy a record for her young grandson and Günter isn’t late to exploit her musical ignorance.

Ett samarbete mellan Rylander animation (design och animation) och Blandteknik HB (koncept och manus).

Teknik; cut-out i AfterEffects.
Längd; 1 minut.
© Blandteknik HB, Rylander animation 2003.


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