Set & Get Frame Bookmark

Anime Studio Pro Script.
Download Set & Get Frame Bookmark script, ver.0.1.

First press the key for setting the current frame as bookmarked and then on any other frame press the key for getting the bookmark to be transfered to that first frame.

Installation: Download and unzip in your >scripts>tool folder.

Then open _tool_list.txt located in the tool folder.
I suggest installing this script either into the “Other” section of the tool-palette or adding a new group called Navigation. To do this either add the following line to the end of the file _tool_list.txt;

button DR_set_framebookmark J
button DR_get_framebookmark K

or add the following lines;

group Navigation
color 204 220 232 255
button DR_set_framebookmark J
button DR_get_framebookmark K

(J and ”’k is the hotkeys, you can set this to whatever key you want, J, K, O and Y is by default not mapped to any tool).
Save _tool_list.txt and refresh Moho (ctrl+F5).

Note; Currently the framenumber in the little square at top left of the Timeline panel doesn’t update when you transfer to the bookmarked frame but as soon as you step or scrub the timeline it’s back to normal.
My plan for these tools is to merge them into one and make it possible to have multiple bookmarks stored.

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