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Nautilus/Anime Studio script.
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Unfortunately none of the batch import scripts work in linux and when drag-and-dropping images you get a quite annoying question asking if you’d like to use the image as a tracing image or a normal image for each and every image.

There’s where my script comes in.
It’s a nautilus script that places every image layer you have selected into an .anme-file that you can import into your AS-scene.

To use it select all images you’d like to import and run the script from your right-click meny>scripts. You get a question about which type of layer you’d like to place the images in; Group, bone or switch.
Now it can take a few seconds if you’ve got many images. When done you’ve got a file called “image-export.anme” in the same folder as the images that you can import into your AS-scene.

To install the script place it in your nautilus scripts-folder, ./.gnome2/nautilus-scripts, or by right clicking in nautilus and select >scripts>open scripts folder.
Then make it executable by running “chmod u+x” in terminal.

Licenced as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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