Convert Movie to png-sequence

Nautilus/Synfig script.
Download Convert movie to png-sequence script ver.0.1.3.

This is a Nautilus script that takes any movie and converts it to an image sequence and creates an accompanying .lst-file which you can import into Synfig.

To install just download the script and copy it to your Nautilus script folder and make it executable (chmod +x convert-movie-to-png-seq).
To use it select any movie file, right click it and choose the script from the Script sub-menu.
Now it creates a folder named as your movie-file minus the extension, in which it outputs an image sequence and a .lst-file which you can import into Synfig.

Note that I’ve set the image size to 480×270 and the frame rate to 25fps which you easily can change to whatever you prefer within the script file.

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