Synfig render script

Nautilus / Synfig Studio script.
Download Synfig render script.

A script that renders selected Synfig project file into a png-sequence.

To install just download the script and copy it to your Nautilus script folder and make it executable (chmod +x synfig_render_to_png-seq).

To use it just select your .sif or .sifz-file, right-click and run the script. The file is now rendered to a png-sequence in a folder beside the Synfig-file.

I’ve set the render size to 1920x1080px but you can change this to whatever you’d like to have inside the script.

Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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2 Responses to “Synfig render script”

  1. Joshuard Says:

    Can I ask a question, where is the Nautilus Scrip Folder?

  2. admin Says:

    Sure, it’s in the hidden folder “.gnome2” in your home folder. Choose to see hidden folders (ctrl+H) to be able to locate it. Inside is a folder called “nautilus-scripts”

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