Convert to Quicktime player compliant mov’s.

Nautilus script.

The Quicktime player is extremely picky on what it will play.
I’ve spent a considerable time trying to get movie-files that the Quicktime player will play from my linux system. Most of the ready-made solutions fail in this regard in one way or the other. Avidemux output can’t be played at all, Ffmpeg tends to drift in sync for longer projects, Handbrake output doesn’t play etc.

I’ve come up with this script that does produce files that plays fine on the Quicktime player.
It converts any movie to same-size, h264 in a mov-container. The quality is high, resulting in quite large files but you can lower the quality settings inside the script to get smaller output.

To install, place the script in your nautilus scripts folder and make it executable (chmod +x Convert-to-h264-mov).
Usage is just right click on any video file and run the script from the scripts menu.

Download the convert-to-h264-mov script ver.0.1.1

Download a version with resizing added. This is hard set to 768×432 within the script where you can change to what you’d like to have. It has to be in proportion to the original size though.

Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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