Anime Studio – Move shape to new layer

Sometimes I find it easier to draw my character on one layer and then separate into different parts later.
This can save a lot of time but comes with the boring task of copy-pasting into new layers. Who likes boring? Not me, so I created a script for it.

DR Move Shape to New Layer

Unzip in your tools folder and add a shortcut. Select a shape in your vector layer and run the script. It’s now moves into a new vector layer of its own.

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4 Responses to “Anime Studio – Move shape to new layer”

  1. Milad Says:

    I wanted to express my appreciations for this fancy script.It will ease up my jobs.Thanks
    Milad Hatam from Iran

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you. Glad the script will help you.

  3. Sany Says:

    Thanks for script!!) But it do not work in Anime studio 11.2(( but, the idea is good. I want to do this. If I do, I will send you)

  4. admin Says:

    It should work. I’m using it in Moho 12 now without any modifications.
    Have you tried assigning a shortcut key?
    Also, have you selected all points in the shape you want to move to a new layer?

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